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Text Creation Game

Literary technique in which words or sentences can be rearranged to create a new text.


Word Collages

“Intro” In the first two variants, the aim of the game is to create a word collage, a poem or a situation with words from all the words. All words should be used. When it comes to repositioning and putting words together, new spaces open up to create unusual sentences. Lateral thinking playing within the limits. The emptiness and gap between words and sentences can develop their own expressiveness. You may suddenly notice that a new logic is emerging. The third variation is dedicated to the same principle only you use sentences, also known as the cut-up technique.

Inspired by

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Version 3

Enter whole sentences

Instructions on how to use our proposed (randomly generated) words

This option corresponds to the cut-up technique described in the videos where David Bowie explains his process.

  1. After selecting version 3, press the EDIT-Button.
  2. A box opens. Here you press the "NEW" button. Enter a title under "TITLE". Then you can enter a sentence in the box "+ ADD". By pressing the "+ ADD" button, the entered sentence is shifted downwards. and a new box will open for you to enter your next sentence. You can type in the sentences yourself or insert them using "Copy & Paste": Sentences from poems, lyrics and much more or your own sentences. At the moment, the number of words in the sentences is limited to 4 - max. 8, depending on the length of the words. For longer words, it is advisable to divide the sentence into two boxes.
  3. After entering all your sentences, press the blue "ADD" button. Check if your title is set under option 3 and then press "START" on the right side.
  4. The user interface or the paper opens. Your sentences will appear in boxes. You can rearrange the sentences in any way you like by "clicking" and "dragging" and bringing them together.
  5. Finally, you can decide for yourself not to use sentences. There is the "Drag & Drop To Remove Words" box at the bottom of the field / paper for this purpose.
  6. If you are satisfied with your new text, you can insert a picture in the top left and then press the "COMPLETE" button. Here you can A) generate a JPG or PDF file or B) print it.
  7. With the "QUIT" button on the right side, you delete all previous entries and start all over from scratch.

In times of Corona the idea was born to create an online version with techniques to promote creativity and to rediscover the pleasure of using language.

Inspirations and reflections:

  1. The observed joy in dealing with words and language in our Shakespeare and screenwriting courses for young people
  2. The realization that our playfulness can only come back to life by breaking through routines and taking on new challenges.
  3. The fascination for dreams and symbols, the encrypted language of which seems to be a combination of: everyday observations, disturbing experiences, ambivalent feelings, archetypal experiences and personal unconscious patterns.

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